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Andrew Johnston andyandtaya at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 05:42:04 PST 2006

Now how does this all relate to the monitoring options present in qjackctl?
Should they be left off les they confuse the issue further when trying to
monitor with ardour?
Or do they need to match the settings in ardour...ie software jack..software
ardour, hardware jack...hardware ardour?

Just somthing I've always wondered about but never bothered asking, except
now there is a relevant thread!


On 1/20/06, Brett McCoy <idragosani at chapelperilous.net> wrote:
> Ruben Lopez wrote:
> > After googling for a few hours tonite, I found that my next question is
> > pretty common, but I was never able to find the answer, so I need to
> > ask: How do I monitor sound after I start recording? I have s/w
> > monitoring engaged in Ardour, but I lose sound as soon as I hit record.
> > What's the secret?
> Don't use software monitoring if you are using a Delta 1010 -- you can
> use the hardware itself for zero-latency monitoring. Using the
> envy24control tool, set the audio routing to Digital Mixer. Also, make
> sure you have hardware monitoring turned OFF everywhere else, it will
> mess up your envy24 settings.
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