[ardour-users] New to Ardour.

Brett McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Wed Jan 18 07:38:53 PST 2006

Brad McIlvaine wrote:

> Instead, I hope to lurk on the mail list, poke around a bit on the 
> application, learn a little bit about Unix X11 on the Mac and the vast 
> world it encompasses, and offer whatever intellectual support I can. If 
> it winds up that Ardour becomes a tool that I can use in my work at home 
> or in the office, I will also look forward to paying for it! If I can 
> find a way to pitch a couple of pennies into the hat now and not upset 
> my wife, who, as long as we can afford it, is the stay at home Mom/Czar 
> of the checkbook, I'll jump to it! I'll also try to review the mail list 
> archive to get up to speed.
> Thanks!
> Brad McIlvaine
> Sr. Mixer/Designer
> Henninger Media Services
> Washington, DC 20036

Hi & welcome! I notice you are in the DC area... we got a couple of DC 
area folks on the list, like me and Jesse C. I've got a small project 
studio in MD, using both Linux & Windows (I use Linux for sequencing, 
recording and mixing, Windows for plugins). Although you are are working 
on a Mac, I'd be happy to show you Ardour in action on Linux.

-- Brett
Programmer by day, Guitarist by Night

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