[ardour-users] New to Ardour.

Brad McIlvaine bmcilvaine at henninger.com
Wed Jan 18 07:33:04 PST 2006

Hello everyone,

It was with great interest that I found the Ardour site.  Being a 
professional in the Post industry, I am constantly looking for new ways 
to ply my trade.

Being an experienced ProTools user, with appreciable amounts of time 
spent on Sonic Solutions and the AMS-Neve Audiofile, and brief periods 
with both the Fairlight MFX and the original Studer Editech Dyaxis, and 
to a lesser degree Audiovision... (linear machine controlled multitrack 
suites as well), I am intrigued and excited about this project.

My quest for a replacement for my ProTools LE rig at home (based on a 
Dual 533 G4 Mac with an AMII card, video I/O provided by a Miro DC30+) 
has been founded upon the premise that I am certain that it should be 
possible to attain greater performance from my system than I get with 
ProTools, with comparable tools to the ProTools toolset, but with 
greater sonic integrity than ProTools LE currently offers.  I also use 
an HD3 system at the office, and am doing extensive surround and HD 
video work.

It is becoming very obvious to myself (and, I believe, the company I 
work for) that Native/Host processing for large scale audio/video 
workstations is but a moment from reality.  On the video side we are  
watching the various data bottlenecks in HD Video post with FCP slowly 
disappear, making native based editing and compositing a reality.  And 
we have explored both Nuendo and Pyramix for future mixing suite 
upgrades, particularly with the Euphonix Eucon based control surface 
options, but have had issues with some of the editorial or stability 
issues, though in general we've found the capacity of the systems to 
meet our playback and mixing needs sufficiently.

As I familiarize myself with the Ardour interface and workings, I look 
forward to offering any insights I might be able to offer on 
development that may be warranted from my experience.  While I am no 
coder, and can only dedicate a small bit of time to the actual use of 
the interface (my 1 year old daughter is the focus of my free time!), I 
look forward to offering any intellectual support that may be helpful.  
Several of the "longtimer's" like myself that wander the company halls 
here have said time and time again that it would be great to to 
understand the development of a tool such as Ardour so that we can 
better understand how and why each application does, or doesn't do, 
things that are vital to our workflow.  It would be awesome to 
participate in Ardour's development as a viable Post Production tool, 
and I have noticed that you do have video integration via QT on the 
development list.  But it is not my intention to attempt to push this 
project in any particular direction.

Instead, I hope to lurk on the mail list, poke around a bit on the 
application, learn a little bit about Unix X11 on the Mac and the vast 
world it encompasses, and offer whatever intellectual support I can.  
If it winds up that Ardour becomes a tool that I can use in my work at 
home or in the office, I will also look forward to paying for it!  If I 
can find a way to pitch a couple of pennies into the hat now and not 
upset my wife, who, as long as we can afford it, is the stay at home 
Mom/Czar of the checkbook, I'll jump to it!  I'll also try to review 
the mail list archive to get up to speed.


Brad McIlvaine
Sr. Mixer/Designer
Henninger Media Services
Washington, DC  20036

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On Jan 18, 2006, at 9:43 AM, Paul Davis wrote:

>> the app crashes, it leaves a core file (called either core or core.N,
>> where N was the process ID).  Now run gdb on the program you ran and
>> the core file: "gdb /usr/bin/ardour core" and type "bt" at the gdb
>> prompt.  There's your stack trace.  No need to remember what you did
>> to make it crash.
> just a reminder: typing "bt" is not useful in a multithreaded
> application like ardour. instead, the gdb command is:
> 	thread apply all bt
> thanks,
> --p
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