[ardour-users] regions, layers and auditioning groups of tracks at once

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Wed Jan 11 04:19:24 PST 2006

Kevin Cosgrove <kevinc at doink.com>:
> I'm trying to be more efficient with ardour.  Here's what I've
> got:  3 takes each comprised of 8 instruments (a drumkit).  I'd

That's 8 tracks each, right?

> like to be able to audition each take, meaning audition 1 of 3
> different sets of 8 regions.  I've been doing this by lowering
> all 8 regions of the same take to the bottom of the layer stack
> and listening to what percolates to the top.  But, this is pretty
> click intensive.
> Is there some way to assign a mix of one take to a bus or
> something, and then [un]mute the bus when I want to play with
> auditioning?

Mixgroups. I'd put the relevant takes on extra tracks, set up mixgroups 
like "take 1", "take 2" etc, assign and then exclusive-solo the 
mixgroups with ctrl-alt-click. This gives you ABC with one click. 

Or playlists. *If* playlists were groupable. The way they work now you'd 
be up for a clickfest. Feature-request I guess.


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