[ardour-users] [OT] Rant + Re: problems after upgrade from beta28 (debian packages)

David Mulcahy eseol at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jan 9 08:10:52 PST 2006

On Monday 09 January 2006 12:54, Paul Davis wrote:
> > > [ERROR]: FileSource:
> > > "/home/me/Documents/Recordings/mixes/sunday_morning/sunday_morning_ardo
> > >ur/s unday_morning/sounds//Sunday_Morning_intro_clean-TIMEFX-0.wav" bad
> > > write (Invalid argument) [ERROR]: error writing tempo-adjusted data to
> > > Sunday_Morning_intro_clean-TIMEFX-0.wav [ERROR]:
> > > Sunday_Morning_intro_clean-TIMEFX-0.wav: could not write read raw data
> > > for peak computation (Invalid argument)
> > > \------------------------------------------/
> >
> > This is a know debian bug (I think - I have reported it. If you cancel
> > the timefx does ardour disappear)  Why debian are allowing this kind of
> > in your face bug even  into testing is questionable?
> note also that we (meaning the core ardour development team) do not
> support Debian's decision to compile ardour with the SYSLIBS option,
> even though we provided it for them. SYSLIBS tells the build system not
> to compile and link against the versions of several C++ libraries
> contained in the ardour source tree, but to use system-installed
> versions instead. the continuing changes to the g++ ABI make it
> extremely hazardous to link against C++ libraries other than ones
> supplied with the compiler itself.
> debian people have claimed, and continue to claim, that use SYSLIBS is
> safe and works for all or almost all debian users. they have not (and
> probably cannot) prove to our satisfaction that this is the case.
> i don't know if this is relevant to the timefx bug described, but since
> timefx relies (currently) on libsoundtouch, which is one of the
> libraries in question, it might possibly be relevant.
My rant got cut short a bit 

but It must be incredibly frustrating for developers (it certainly is for 
users) to see a stable program make its way into a distro (and the debian 
testing is a very popular desktop distro) only to find such an "in your face 
kind of bug" that potential audio users, who may have allready read all about 
this killer app, will fall over in no time.  What kind of impression is that 
potential user going to have of that app and that distro (if not all oss apps 
and all distros).

Now I am a big debian fan but this does more harm to the disto and the 
particular application involved than not packaging the app in the first 
place.  Now I know testing isnt stable but there must be some bugs that 
should stay in unstable even if that means forever, or until policy/other 
technical difficulties (in this case lib deps) are resolved.

I will stop there but I guess I should post this to debian though.  (although 
a very happy debian stable [now] user)


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