[ardour-users] Some Usage Questions

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 14:08:27 PST 2006

Look in the send itself. Double click it and you should find a send
volume control there.

- Mark

On 1/6/06, Solv (sent by Nabble.com) <lists at nabble.com> wrote:
>  Hi everyone,
> I am having trouble finding the option to control the level of the sends on
> individual tracks. I want to send multiple tracks to the same bus with a
> reverb plugin on it, but i don't want them all to have the same amount.
> I've stf and checked the manual, but still I can't see how this is done.  If
> it is not actually implemented then I would like to suggest it as an
> urgently required feature, it's kind of one of those basic must haves in a
> DAW environment.
> Another question was about the export/mixdown feature that moves along
> quicker than realtime.  How is this possible when one wants to use outboard
> ananlog gear on the inserts?
> Lastly would anyone be able to give me an example jack command line settings
> to stop the timing problem that occurs with dual core AMD64bit systems, I am
> getting hundreds of xruns, which don't actually seem to be affecting the
> audio as in creating artifacts, but still it's nasty to watch, and I haven't
> tested what it does to synchronisation either.  Alternatively if there is
> some flag or option I can type into the qjactkl dialog then that would be
> even better.
> Thanks people,
> Andy J
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