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Hi everyone,
I am having trouble finding the option to control the level of the sends on individual tracks. I want to send multiple tracks to the same bus with a reverb plugin on it, but i don't want them all to have the same amount.  I've stf and checked the manual, but still I can't see how this is done.  If it is not actually implemented then I would like to suggest it as an urgently required feature, it's kind of one of those basic must haves in a DAW environment.
Another question was about the export/mixdown feature that moves along quicker than realtime.  How is this possible when one wants to use outboard ananlog gear on the inserts?
Lastly would anyone be able to give me an example jack command line settings to stop the timing problem that occurs with dual core AMD64bit systems, I am getting hundreds of xruns, which don't actually seem to be affecting the audio as in creating artifacts, but still it's nasty to watch, and I haven't tested what it does to synchronisation either.  Alternatively if there is some flag or option I can type into the qjactkl dialog then that would be even better.

Thanks people,
Andy J

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