[ardour-users] Native file size limit

Lars Tobias Børsting lars.tobias.borsting at ntnu.no
Fri Feb 24 07:22:48 PST 2006

"Brett Clark" <Brett at ciscoinc.com> writes:

> Yes, the file is stored in a RIFF/WAV format which has a maximum size
> of 2.1 Gig.  This means that 96 khz sample at 32 bits will get you
> less than an hour.  Since you cant get more size out of it, then the
> only way to get more time from it is to either drop to 16 bit (yuch)
> or drop the SR to 48khz or 44.1khz.

Oh, right... That's exactly the answer I was looking for - thanks!

I have been recording at 192 kHz (which is the maximum of my sound card)
with 32 bits, so it didn't give me much time. I guess I'll have to
reduce this to 48 kHz and less bits...

> On the brighter side, from some postings back in January, it sounds
> like Paul and the guys are working on using a 64 bit format (w64) in
> Ardour2.

Great! Maybe there's a development version I can try that has
preliminary w64-support.


Lars Tobias

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