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Brett Clark Brett at ciscoinc.com
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Yes, the file is stored in a RIFF/WAV format which has a maximum size of 2.1 Gig.  This means that 96 khz sample at 32 bits will get you less than an hour.  Since you cant get more size out of it, then the only way to get more time from it is to either drop to 16 bit (yuch) or drop the SR to 48khz or 44.1khz.
On the brighter side, from some postings back in January, it sounds like Paul and the guys are working on using a 64 bit format (w64) in Ardour2.


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Great program! I have just recorded my first long session with
Ardour. Unfortunately, the recording stopped after some time. The reason
was that it couldn't write more data to its files. Looking in the
project folder there is a folder called "sounds" which contains the
actual track recordings. They seem to be in the standard
wav-format. Both of the files ar 2.1 GB large, so I wonder if there is
some limit in this format? I use reiserfs, so I know the file size isn't
limited by the filesystem. I read somewhere that wav-files have a size
limit of 2.1 GB on 32-bit systems, however I exported my two mono 2.1 GB
tracks into a single stereo file of approx. 3 GBs.

What might be the cause of this file size limit? Ardour version is


Lars Tobias
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