[ardour-users] Native file size limit

Lars Tobias Børsting lars.tobias.borsting at ntnu.no
Fri Feb 24 07:11:35 PST 2006

timg <timg at expressmart.com> writes:

> timg wrote:
>> Lars Tobias Børsting wrote:
>>> some limit in this format? I use reiserfs, so I know the file size
>>> isn't limited by the filesystem. I read somewhere that wav-files
>>> have a size limit of 2.1 GB on 32-bit systems, however I exported my
>>> two mono 2.1 GB tracks into a single stereo file of approx. 3 GBs.
>>> What might be the cause of this file size limit? Ardour version is
>>> 0.99.1.
>> Interesting.
>> what filesystem is your disk running?

It's reiserfs version 3.6, and I'm certain I have Large File Support
in the kernel (Linux 2.6.15) and in glibc (GNU C Library 2.3.5), which
means my filesystem is capable of files up to 2^63 bytes. Which is a
lot. ReiserFS 3.6 also specifies maximum file size to be 1 EiB. Which is
also a lot.

> I beleive it depends on the version.

I use Ardour 0.99.1. Does version 0.99.2 have improvments in large file
support? I will try to upgrade, and see if it works.

Maybe you mean that it depends on the version of the wav-format that
Ardour uses natively? If this is the case, how can I make Ardour use a
different native format? For example w64.

Thanks anyway!


Lars Tobias

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