[ardour-users] WARNING - Super rookie Question

Brad McIlvaine bmcilvaine at henninger.com
Wed Feb 8 21:17:07 PST 2006

OK, so I'm WAY new to the Unix thing.

Trying to implement Xjadeo, and I guess ffmpeg as well, which is  
required with Xjadeo.... uh...

So can anyone refer me to some quality reading, book or website, to  
get me started on putting this all together?  I'm no idiot, just far  

I will also take pointers on getting started, though I feel silly  
asking for pointers if it's stuff I can figure out myself.

Please respond directly to me, off list, as:

A) I don't want to look even sillier than I do now
B) This is well below the level of conversation that this list  
generally carries.  I don't want to clog inboxes with what to most is  
senseless fodder!

Even if you provide a tip to get started, I would still like to know  
some good reference material that I can read up on so that I stop  
sounding so foolish.

I'm Apple Mac G4 Dual 533, X11, Mac OS 10.4.4

Thanks so much... now back to things that are of a higher level of  
intellect and quality!  I look forward to educating myself so that I  
can contribute in a more positive fashion.

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