[ardour-users] Xjadeo

Brad McIlvaine bmcilvaine at henninger.com
Wed Feb 8 09:09:35 PST 2006

I've not had a moment to put everything together, but...

Utilizing Jack as a Router/Patchbay/Central transport controller  
allows one to create a virtual studio.  Similar to having different  
pieces of "kit" in a studio, Jack allows one to choose the tools that  
are best suited to each application and to allow them to work  
harmoniously...  or am I wrong?

Working as a Post Production mixer in a machine-heavy environment (HD  
Decks, NTSC Decks, PAL Decks, Software, hardware and various  
encoders, etc...) the idea of being able to plug together misc.  
components tro solve various problems is very attractive to me.

Brad Mc.

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