[ardour-users] Xjadeo

Brett McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Wed Feb 8 09:01:26 PST 2006

Thomas Vecchione wrote:

>   Xine many people use, and until recently I had had good luck with, but 
> recently there have been many things stopping me from using 
> it(Configuring it to run with an RME card for example, I believe it is 
> possible, Ill be danged if I can find a way to do it, so right now apps 
> that use it I cant use, also there are occasionally a crash or two in it 
> still, or was last I used it).  MPlayer I know people have had good luck 
> with, I havent yet myself.  Just small things in each of these that add 
> up to weaken the overall chain.

Mplayer still uses OSS, unfortunately (AFAIK).

I was just looking at the code for xjadeo... you know, it's just a 
single file of C code... it only uses X primitives (no GUI toolkit), 
ImLib and ffmpeg (and jack). It probably wouldn't be too difficult to 
integrate this into a more fully featured video application like Xine or 
Kino. Or even Ardour. :-)

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