[ardour-users] Xjadeo

Brett McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Wed Feb 8 09:14:24 PST 2006

Brad McIlvaine wrote:
> I've not had a moment to put everything together, but...
> Utilizing Jack as a Router/Patchbay/Central transport controller  
> allows one to create a virtual studio.  Similar to having different  
> pieces of "kit" in a studio, Jack allows one to choose the tools that  
> are best suited to each application and to allow them to work  
> harmoniously...  or am I wrong?
> Working as a Post Production mixer in a machine-heavy environment (HD  
> Decks, NTSC Decks, PAL Decks, Software, hardware and various  
> encoders, etc...) the idea of being able to plug together misc.  
> components tro solve various problems is very attractive to me.

Yes, that's what I like also and why I suggested Ardour stick with audio 
and let something else deal with the video... either on the same machine 
or on a separate machine altogether.

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