[ardour-users] Ardour crashs when trying to export, XML?

Julian Hagenauer chaosbringer at gmx.de
Mon Feb 6 07:58:26 PST 2006

> chances are that you are using some character in the name of a track or
> region that is confusing poor libxml. we have attempted to tell libxml
> to expect UTF8 encoded text which should cover most languages that the
> program is likely to encounter. apparently this attempt is not
> catching every case, or you have some pathological case that the libxml
> UTF8 handling code cannot deal with.
> for export, i would expect the only real variable would be the name of
> the file. what name were you using?
> --p
i entered /home/julian/test1/test1.wav as the file to export ( The Path 
actually is given by ardour, i only appended the filename test1.wav ).
libxml2 is also installed und UTF-8 support compiled in.
I tried to change my locale from normal de_DE charset to de_DE.UTF-8,.
With UTF-8-locale configured loading a session gave me the 
Session: XML state has no click section
Maybe this helps for more diagnostics?
Export still results in segfaulting.


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