[ardour-users] Ardour crashs when trying to export, XML?

Julian Hagenauer chaosbringer at gmx.de
Mon Feb 6 00:04:39 PST 2006

i am trying to get a long with ardour, and i think it is really a nice 
pice of software, that i am planning to use in future, but i have a huge 
problem, what makes using ardour senseless for me:
I run Debian Sarge, Jack 0.99, Ardour 0.9beta28 ( the debian-binary ).
I create a new session, create a new stereotrack, record some bars. If i 
try to export this simple session ( leaving eveything default, only 
adding a filename to the path ), ardour crashs (Segfault) every time, 
even if i try to export a empty session. Changes to the default export 
settings do not change this behaviour, unfortunatly.
The commandline show this messages:
error : xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant : char out of range
error : xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant : char out of range

Any hints?

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