[ardour-users] channels change during recording

Cory Johnson jackassplus at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 19:52:56 PST 2006

I'll freely admit i'm EXTREMELY new to ardour, jack, and recording in
general. But ive read most of the (sparse) documentation. Much went over my
I have a M-Audio Delta 44.
Bass going Mono into In-1.
Drums from a laptop stereo to In-4
Jack is connected thusly:
alsa_pcm capture 1 -> ardour Bass/In 1
alsa_pcm capture 2 -> ardour Bass/In 2
alsa_pcm capture 1 -> ardour Master/In 1
alsa_pcm capture 2 -> ardour Master/In 2
alsa_pcm capture 3 -> ardour Drum Track/ In 1 *not sure why this is here*
alsa_pcm capture 4 -> ardour Drum Track/ In 2

all ardour out 1s (auditioner, bass,click,Drum Track,Master) to asla_pcm
playback 1
all ardour out 2s (auditioner, bass,click,Drum Track,Master) to asla_pcm
playback 2

When I am monitoring, averything is fine.
when I record on "Drum Track" that track records, etc
When I record to "Bass" The Bass audio moves to the left channel only and I
can't hear the "Drum Track" playback.

How do I split Bass to record in stereo?
How do I listen to track 1 while recording track 2?

Hope I explained it well.
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