[ardour-users] channels change during recording

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Dec 13 20:57:31 PST 2006

On 12/13/06, Cory Johnson <jackassplus at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'll freely admit i'm EXTREMELY new to ardour, jack, and recording in
> general. But ive read most of the (sparse) documentation. Much went over my
> head.
> I have a M-Audio Delta 44.
> Bass going Mono into In-1.
>  Drums from a laptop stereo to In-4
> Jack is connected thusly:
> alsa_pcm capture 1 -> ardour Bass/In 1
> alsa_pcm capture 2 -> ardour Bass/In 2

Your bass is only mono, so what you want is a Mono track for it.  Mono
tracks have 1 input but generally 2 outputs so you can still pan it
into the master stereo bus (while stereo track has 2 inputs and 2
outputs). This solves your first problem.

> alsa_pcm capture 1 -> ardour Master/In 1
> alsa_pcm capture 2 -> ardour Master/In 2

This makes no sense, you don't need to feed your input to the master
bus.  If you want software monitoring just connecting the capture
ports to your tracks will be fine.   You might end up playing with the
auto-input toggle sometimes (or the rec-enable for the track).

> alsa_pcm capture 3 -> ardour Drum Track/ In 1 *not sure why this is here*
> alsa_pcm capture 4 -> ardour Drum Track/ In 2

You only have a mono drum source?  If so, same as bass, make a mono
track for it instead of stereo.

> all ardour out 1s (auditioner, bass,click,Drum Track,Master) to asla_pcm
> playback 1
> all ardour out 2s (auditioner, bass,click,Drum Track,Master) to asla_pcm
> playback 2

Nope, just connect the bass and drum tracks out 1 and 2 to the Master
1 and 2 respectively (not to alsa playback).  That should be all you
need.  Then route the outputs from the master to the alsa playback


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