[ardour-users] Behringer DDX 3216 MIDI control

Helge Jung linuxsmiley at gmx.net
Sat Apr 15 11:19:38 PDT 2006

Hello again,

got some news:
> I checked "trace input" and "trace output" in the Options Dialog and I
> see that the input commands come in but Ardour never sends any output
> commands when moving the faders in the mixer window - what am I doing
> wrong, what option did I miss?

I installed Ardour2 and now Ardour sends MIDI messages (at least
according to its log on the console) although the DDX doesn't react at
all but that could be the fault of the DDX - I'll do some tests here.

> Another issue with the "mute" buttons: The DDX sends channel/command 104
> for muting channel 1 and channel/command 105 for unmuting channel 1
> (each time with value=1 regarding to the input-trace). 

I checked the DDX's manual:

  Table 18.2 MIDI-Control Changes
    MIDI Controller no. 104 = Channel mute on
           channel no. 1-61 (channel 1-32, bus 1-16, aux 1-4, fxsend
1-4, fxreturn 1-4, master) as value, 0 = all
    MIDI Controller no. 105 = Channel mute off
           channel no. 1-61 as value, 0=all

Where in the source should I edit to adapt Ardour to this behaviour?

Thanks in advance,
  Helge Jung

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