[ardour-users] Behringer DDX 3216 MIDI control

Helge Jung linuxsmiley at gmx.net
Sat Apr 15 07:27:41 PDT 2006

Hello everybody,

I have a Behringer DDX3216 digital mixing console. I set up MIDI control
and Ardour 0.99.1 reacts when I move the faders on the DDX but the other
way around nothing happens (I configured the faders with Ctrl+Button2).

I checked "trace input" and "trace output" in the Options Dialog and I
see that the input commands come in but Ardour never sends any output
commands when moving the faders in the mixer window - what am I doing
wrong, what option did I miss?

Another issue with the "mute" buttons: The DDX sends channel/command 104
for muting channel 1 and channel/command 105 for unmuting channel 1
(each time with value=1 regarding to the input-trace). Is there a
possibility to define different commands for muting and unmuting a
channel in Ardour?

Is one of the above two problems solved in Ardour2 so that it makes
sense to try out the current cvs version?

Best regards and thanks for your good work
   Helge Jung

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