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Marukqs marukas at hardcore.lt
Sun Sep 25 05:37:09 PDT 2005

Hi, Arnold, 

I was requesting this feature before, but the method you described is too
hard for musician (noone wants to think like hacker while it is needed to
concentrate in music)

Which editor can I use to edit the sound - it seems that audacity does not
work with jack? 

How can I do final touches to my exported .wav without stopping the Jack??



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You might miss the entry in your contextmenu "Open Region with
<insert_favourite_wave_editor_here>". Yep. That is missing / not

Nonetheless, nothing prevents you from opening a region (ie. the
soundfile on hd) with your editor, doing changes to it and have these
changes visible in ardour. If the file is newer than its peakfile, the
peakfile will be recreated. I didn't test what ardours reaction is on

Keep on rocking,



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