[ardour-users] Re: external editor

Arnold Krille arnold.krille at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 06:20:28 PDT 2005

On 9/25/05, Marukqs <marukas at hardcore.lt> wrote:
> Which editor can I use to edit the sound - it seems that audacity does not
> work with jack?

I don't know which editor does work with jack (1), but the ones widely
used are: rezound, sweep, audacity, snd. Search freshmeat or google
for them.

> How can I do final touches to my exported .wav without stopping the Jack??

Hmm, the normal (ardour-) way is this: Finalize the mix in ardour,
plug jamin as insert into the master-channel and export the session to
wavefile. Unless you want to do really weird things, that is all you
need to do to create a song or a full mastered cd... (2)


(1) I have a sblive on my "production" pc which has the advantage of
up to 32 (64?) apps beeing able to open the sounddevice the same time,
so no struggle with "can't open sounddevice because another app is
using it". The same applies if you setup ALSA to you the dmix-plugin
for default.
(2) Yeah, that also depends on your working-style, the way you use
ardour and the kind of music you make.

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