[ardour-users] annoying bugs

nicholas manojlovic nmanojlovic at aztec.aunz.com
Sat Sep 10 08:19:58 PDT 2005

half way through a session and picked up some pretty annoying bugs I 
thought Id report on.

had about 5 tracks of harmony vocals. to simplify my mixing operations I 
stupidly renamed them all 'vox'. stopped thinking about them for awhile 
until I saved the snapshot and came back to it with 'cannot connect Vox1 
to MasterIn1'. not really understanding the ambiguous log report I 
solidiered on, eventually figuring out why my mix sounded so bad.. every 
track called 'vox' had decided to play the same wave file. had a 
snapshot with the different vocal tracks but lost a lot of work.. oh 
well, steep learning curve.. always label tracks, even when similar, 
with different names!

the only other major problem was following a seg-fault every track 
automatically wiped its 'output' settings. so it would appear to play 
(the peaks would jump up and down) but no sound would come out. 
eventually had to reconnec them all to masterin1, masterin2 and 
reconnect master outputs to alsa via qjackctl.

using a cvs snapshot from a few days ago, with all other components 
Fedora 4 CCRMA. was hoping Id get fixed mouse problems (buttons dont 
focus with mouse over them etc..) but I guess thats more about waiting 
for GTK2?

I had a fairly productive session last week, so this was just a glitch.


(in case you're wondering why this isnt in mantis, its because I dont 
believe I have the technical ability to accurately describe what went 
wrong - both from a computer nerd point of view and a pro-audio/DAW 
point of view. hopefully someone else out there will better be able to 
clarify my problems for a bug report)

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