[ardour-users] Advice on Ardour

J.L. Blom jlblom at neuroweave.nl
Mon Oct 31 03:51:06 PST 2005

Thanks for the speedy reply. It warrants surely a more detailed survey
of the specifications of Ardour. One of the problems I see is the fact
that you need for Ardour different other programs like Jack, some kernel
plugins, presumably a different file-system - I'm following the
discussion on reiserfs here - and a learning curve to become fluent with
the controls as I assume the 'look & feel" is quite different between
the 2 programs. As it is a production studio, not much time is available
- on the hardware - for testing and familiarizing with the software and
doubling the system just for testing etc. is too costly I think. I don't
know what the minimum system requirements are for Ardour but I think a
lot testing into the capabilities of Ardour can be done with a recording
of all raw tracks on one or 2 DVD's. And I assume the capability of
recording many input-channels in parallel is simply a question of
computing power (assuming the audio input hardware can handle it).
I think I'll try to setup a small demo-system on a AMD64 laptop with
dual boot to try to install a - limited - nuendo system on an
XP-partition and a - limited - ardour system on  Linux-partition,
preferably with an external audio-board with e.g. 8 input-channels.
But first I have to start delving in Ardour!
Thanks a lot

On Mon, 2005-10-31 at 13:07 +0100, Johannes Mario Ringheim wrote:
> J.L. Blom wrote:
> > He wondered if Ardour (he actually
> > asked for a program for Linux) could perform the same tasks as he
> > sometimes had problems with XP and in general was fed-up with several
> > (non-technical) issues related to MS.He is very content with Nuendo.
> I was forced to use Nuendo this summer, having used Ardour for quite a 
> while. My impression is there are few things you can do with Nuendo wich 
> you can't in Ardour, rather the other way around. I remember especially 
> the routing-capabilities of Ardour was deeply missed. There are a couple 
> of neat features in Nuendo aswell, fx the ability to group regions 
> together to make them all do the same (wouldn't be surprised if someone 
> correct me on this, haven't found it myself in Ardour though). Other 
> shortcomings in Nuendo was fixed number of effect-inserts, and the 
> inability to copy/paste plugins around.
> A more serious issue, I guess, is the availability of plugins. LADSPA 
> plugins are great, but recording pros might find shortcomings or prefer 
> one exact plugin they discovered on windows or mac. In that case there 
> are ways to get them running in Ardour (VSTs), but this is important to 
> check first before making the migration.
> Other than that, Ardour does the job at least as good as Nuendo.
> [And I can't help to think that the plugins in the WAVES package were 
> not THAT better than LADSPA equivalents].

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