[ardour-users] Advice on Ardour

Johannes Mario Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Mon Oct 31 04:07:46 PST 2005

J.L. Blom wrote:
> He wondered if Ardour (he actually
> asked for a program for Linux) could perform the same tasks as he
> sometimes had problems with XP and in general was fed-up with several
> (non-technical) issues related to MS.He is very content with Nuendo.

I was forced to use Nuendo this summer, having used Ardour for quite a 
while. My impression is there are few things you can do with Nuendo wich 
you can't in Ardour, rather the other way around. I remember especially 
the routing-capabilities of Ardour was deeply missed. There are a couple 
of neat features in Nuendo aswell, fx the ability to group regions 
together to make them all do the same (wouldn't be surprised if someone 
correct me on this, haven't found it myself in Ardour though). Other 
shortcomings in Nuendo was fixed number of effect-inserts, and the 
inability to copy/paste plugins around.

A more serious issue, I guess, is the availability of plugins. LADSPA 
plugins are great, but recording pros might find shortcomings or prefer 
one exact plugin they discovered on windows or mac. In that case there 
are ways to get them running in Ardour (VSTs), but this is important to 
check first before making the migration.

Other than that, Ardour does the job at least as good as Nuendo.

[And I can't help to think that the plugins in the WAVES package were 
not THAT better than LADSPA equivalents].

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