[ardour-users] ardour doesn't like my controller

smurky typetosmurky at yahoo.com.au
Sun Oct 30 23:33:28 PST 2005

Okay. Set jack's frames/period to a conservative level while you work
things out. If the controller is showing up in jack then you can use it
to control ardour. You've got three ports showing up on the left
(readable) side of Qjackctl, right? One will be a midi in port (if you
had another device connected to your Korg you would use this), another
will be sending the control messages, and the last will be sending mmc
messages and/or be reserved for sysex. Connect the control and mmc ports
to the ardour port on the right (writable) side. The transport controls
are mmc messages, and will only work when you have that port connected.
Double check that you've enabled mmc control and midi parameter control
in the ardour options. This should enable you to bind the controls as
per the tutorial. Transport controls should be enabled by default if
you've enabled mmc control in ardour and you have the appropriate port
connected. Your manual will tell you which port sends which kind of

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