[ardour-users] best practice: splitting, exporting

Andre Raue dawng at raue.info
Sun Oct 30 09:31:02 PST 2005


I'm quite new to ardour and trying to manage the task described below. 
As I didn't find a really comfortable way to do this using ardour I 
would appreciate any proposals of how to do it best.

My situation:
We record every rehearsal of our band, which results in 6 Tracks 
(Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum Overhead, Bassdrum, Snare) for each 
rehearsal. After recording I copy those tracks as WAVs onto my computer, 
link each track as one long region and assign it to a track in ardour. 
The structure of the WAVs looks like follows:
(and so on)

Step 1:
I would like to mark each song and export it as a single WAV using a 
standard mixing-setup. The song-marks should be reusable. The intention 
is to create a rough mixdown with very little effort. We would like to 
use this mixdown to evaluate our songs and to pick out those, that we 
would like to take as a basis for serious recordings.

Step 2:
We picked out some songs of the above rehearsal as basis for serious 
recordings. Thus I would like to take those songs and work with them 

Step 3:
We add a track 7 to one of the songs (e.g. song 2). When taking Track 7 
as a WAV it lasts from the beginning of the rehearsal to the end. Thus 
song2 starts in Track7 at the same point as in the other tracks. I would 
like to take track7 of song 2 and work on it together with the 6 
previously recorded tracks.

What did I try:
First I thought, the range-markers could be a good way to go. But the 
only way I found to export a mixdown using those markers is the 
CD-Export. But this function exports the garbage, too. And it is not 
easily possible to take songs of different rehearsals and put them onto 
one CD.
Marking songs with the range function allows me to export them 
seperately. But I found no way to remember those ranges. I didn't even 
find a way of how to select a range by using the range-markers.
Selecting a range by using a loop marker works fine. But you only can 
define one loop.

I would like to take this chance to thank the people that make/made 
their contribution to ardour. :-)



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