[ardour-users] Which filesystem to use?

Studio Zodiak studiozodiak at yahoo.ca
Wed Oct 26 10:09:49 PDT 2005

I also have had very satisfying results with the
Hammerfalls have a much bigger world to offer thaugh.
As for the filesystem, I run ReiserFs and XFS.
ReiserFs claims to be the fastest. It is a young
filesystem also  I believe. I found a system built on
XFS crashed less. Gives me amazing stability. Maybe
not as fast?
Couldn't tell you at this point.
I need 2 identical machines to run benchmarks.
It would make sense to me that a system with
unexpensive or absent journalling would be faster.
My experience with ext3 (on Red hat and Fedora)was
good also.
I believe alot of people still use this with good

Best of luck.
But mostly, have fun!



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