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Mat Wall-Smith mat at slashstarhash.com
Wed Oct 26 07:00:26 PDT 2005

Do you mean like audio-suite in protools?
If so this is a handy feature for post production fx editing for treating
sounds in the process of creating a particular effect well before we get to
the mix....so it aint just beginners that find this useful : )

On 26/10/05 11:55 PM, "Paul Davis" <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> wrote:

>> Thanks, that worked. Still, I have to say that it
>> looks like a workaround to me. It could be much easier
>> to select a part, right-click, select "New Plugin..."
>> from a popup menu, choose your plugin and you're done.
>> No need to record automation (suppose you have 3
>> parts, all of them with 1 minute...this operation
>> would take AT LEAST 3 minutes with automation, but
>> potentially could take a few seconds if we could apply
>> the plugins to selections).
> ardour is not samplitude: regions do not have *any* capability for
> plugin processing. only signal processing pathways, internally called
> "routes" and externally visible as tracks and busses, have that
> capability.
> we may add such a feature in the future, but it really goes against
> the basic model that ardour is built around, and pushes towards one in
> which tracks themselves are not really important entities. i've seen a
> few programs that work this way, and my impression is that newcomers to
> DAWs like them, but people with studio experience find them cumbersome
> because the track metaphor is very efficient and useful. in their world,
> regions are part of a playlist that delivers audio to a signal
> processing pathway that may (or may not) contain plugins. the regions
> themselves don't do much of anything except to provide audio data and
> some amount of gain control over their contents.
> as i said, i am aware that some DAWs, samplitude being the first AFAIK,
> extended this to allow plugins to be attached to regions.
> --p
> --p
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