[ardour-users] Questions

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Oct 26 06:55:29 PDT 2005

> Thanks, that worked. Still, I have to say that it
> looks like a workaround to me. It could be much easier
> to select a part, right-click, select "New Plugin..."
> from a popup menu, choose your plugin and you're done.
> No need to record automation (suppose you have 3
> parts, all of them with 1 minute...this operation
> would take AT LEAST 3 minutes with automation, but
> potentially could take a few seconds if we could apply
> the plugins to selections).

ardour is not samplitude: regions do not have *any* capability for
plugin processing. only signal processing pathways, internally called
"routes" and externally visible as tracks and busses, have that

we may add such a feature in the future, but it really goes against
the basic model that ardour is built around, and pushes towards one in
which tracks themselves are not really important entities. i've seen a
few programs that work this way, and my impression is that newcomers to
DAWs like them, but people with studio experience find them cumbersome
because the track metaphor is very efficient and useful. in their world,
regions are part of a playlist that delivers audio to a signal
processing pathway that may (or may not) contain plugins. the regions
themselves don't do much of anything except to provide audio data and
some amount of gain control over their contents.

as i said, i am aware that some DAWs, samplitude being the first AFAIK,
extended this to allow plugins to be attached to regions.



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