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Wed Oct 26 06:42:57 PDT 2005

--- Paul Symons <ardour at affronted.org> escreveu:

> >
> > --- moron at industrial.org escreveu:
> > Thanks for the answer...Regarding the 2nd
> question:
> > suppose it's a whole track, with automation, fade
> ins,
> > fade outs, etc, etc...if I want apply say a little
> > delay to a specific part, do I have to create
> another
> > track from this part? Or if I want to do this in 5
> > selected areas, do I have break it down to 6
> > tracks?!?!?  Not to say that if I have 20 tracks
> and
> > want to solo this one in particular I couldn't do
> it,
> > instead I'd have to create as many parts as
> selections
> > I wanted and mute all the other tracks.
> For this kind of task, I would create a new bus with
> the desired effect(s)
> (for example, a little delay). Next, I would create
> a send (to your new
> bus) on the track with the regions you want to put
> delay on. Finally,
> adjust the gain automation on your new bus so that
> the delay only appears
> for the regions you wish to have delay on.
> Hope that helps.
> Paul

Thanks, that worked. Still, I have to say that it
looks like a workaround to me. It could be much easier
to select a part, right-click, select "New Plugin..."
from a popup menu, choose your plugin and you're done.
No need to record automation (suppose you have 3
parts, all of them with 1 minute...this operation
would take AT LEAST 3 minutes with automation, but
potentially could take a few seconds if we could apply
the plugins to selections).


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