[ardour-users] Questions

Paul Symons ardour at affronted.org
Tue Oct 25 12:09:04 PDT 2005

> --- moron at industrial.org escreveu:
> Thanks for the answer...Regarding the 2nd question:
> suppose it's a whole track, with automation, fade ins,
> fade outs, etc, etc...if I want apply say a little
> delay to a specific part, do I have to create another
> track from this part? Or if I want to do this in 5
> selected areas, do I have break it down to 6
> tracks?!?!?  Not to say that if I have 20 tracks and
> want to solo this one in particular I couldn't do it,
> instead I'd have to create as many parts as selections
> I wanted and mute all the other tracks.

For this kind of task, I would create a new bus with the desired effect(s)
(for example, a little delay). Next, I would create a send (to your new
bus) on the track with the regions you want to put delay on. Finally,
adjust the gain automation on your new bus so that the delay only appears
for the regions you wish to have delay on.

Hope that helps.


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