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fcoelho76-ardour at yahoo.com.br fcoelho76-ardour at yahoo.com.br
Tue Oct 25 11:55:26 PDT 2005

--- moron at industrial.org escreveu:

> > 1) How do I apply fade ins and fade outs in
> Ardour?
> This is done with the gain tool.  On the upper right
> there is a set of boxes to choose the type of cursor
> you have, "gain" will let you set up gain control
> envelopes on the current track.  
> You could likely also do this with mix automation
> but the above is probably what you are looking for. 
> I find the GUI a little bit funky (the lines seem to
> break out of bounds of the track boundaries
> sometimes) but other than that it works well and the
> fact it supports arbitrary envelopes (i.e. add
> points all day if you want) very cool. 
> > 2) How do I apply plugins to a selection? It seems
> Not sure if you can but since tracks are free, why
> not copy / move that chunk to its own track?  This
> gives you the benefit of being able to mute / solo
> that section as well.
> Cheers
> http://industrial.org

Thanks for the answer...Regarding the 2nd question:
suppose it's a whole track, with automation, fade ins,
fade outs, etc, etc...if I want apply say a little
delay to a specific part, do I have to create another
track from this part? Or if I want to do this in 5
selected areas, do I have break it down to 6
tracks?!?!?  Not to say that if I have 20 tracks and
want to solo this one in particular I couldn't do it,
instead I'd have to create as many parts as selections
I wanted and mute all the other tracks.


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