[ardour-users] Questions

Paul Symons ardour at affronted.org
Wed Oct 26 06:47:31 PDT 2005

> Thanks, that worked. Still, I have to say that it
> looks like a workaround to me. It could be much easier
> to select a part, right-click, select "New Plugin..."
> from a popup menu, choose your plugin and you're done.
> No need to record automation (suppose you have 3
> parts, all of them with 1 minute...this operation
> would take AT LEAST 3 minutes with automation, but
> potentially could take a few seconds if we could apply
> the plugins to selections).

I'm not sure why it would have to take 3 minutes - you do know that you
can draw automation in the editor window? on the track you wish to create
automation for, click on the 'a' button, then click 'gain'. you can then
draw any volume curve as you see fit.


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