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moron moron at industrial.org
Tue Oct 25 22:54:01 PDT 2005

On Tuesday 25 October 2005 21:12, Mat Wall-Smith wrote:
> But EQ and Dynamics comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and simply isn't
> required on all channels all the time?

First, the following is in friendly discussion mode and is by no means meant 
as a demand or chastisement (I am very appreciative of being able to record 
multitrack on my Gentoo box).  That in mind. . .

I don't think there is a mixer sold (excluding oddballs like line mixers or 
headphone mixers) which does not have built in EQ per channel.   Even other 
DAWs tend to have basic EQ per channel and then you can use a plugin if you 
need something fancier.  The single most common things you are going to need 
to do are tweak EQ and deal with dynamics (well and adjust volume but Ardour 
obviously has that nailed, the adjustable evelopes are mucho awesome).   

The issue is that you should not have to spend a crapload of time just to 
replicate the basic (hardware) mixer functions that we have had since mixers 
were invented.  On top of that, without a decent widget set the plugins are 
not userfriendly, certainly not so in the concept of a standard mixing 

Picture you have a session with a 8 tracks.  You have 3 for drums, 1 for bass, 
2 for the guitar, 1 for vocals, and 1 for keyboards.  It sounds like mud.  
The normal procedure would likely be to start cutting out frequencies here 
and there to make things site right (leaving space for the kick, chopping off 
unneeded highend from the bass, etc.).  You will have an idea where to start 
but you will need to test things out to find the right levels and such.  Even 
with a simple 8 track recording, that's going to be 8 extra windows open not 
including the work it would take to tie in all of the plugins to the tracks 
in question.  And you get to do that again for every track you record.   

I appreciate the modular nature of Ardour (feels like a DAW version of 
Spiralsynth) but I think it would be a lot easier to use if there were some 
basic tools setup from the get go (like other DAWs and hard disk recorders). 

At the least it would be nice to have a way to create a plugin block with 
better (more meaninful) embedded controls and then propagate that across 
tracks.   The current (at least with the release version 0.99) lapsda 
controls are not up to the level of the other aspects of the system IMHO.


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