[ardour-users] bugs / feature requests

Mat Wall-Smith mat at slashstarhash.com
Tue Oct 25 21:12:21 PDT 2005

But EQ and Dynamics comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and simply isn't
required on all channels all the time?

On 26/10/05 2:05 PM, "moron" <moron at industrial.org> wrote:

> Howdy.  I have one bug (or at least unwanted behaviour) and a general feature
> request.
> First the bug. . .
> When creating a new session, the file browser takes a single click to accept a
> selection (i.e. click once on a directory to open it).  When opening an
> existing session however, the file browser takes 2 clicks to acknowledge a
> selection.  This leads to the situation where you need to click 3 times on
> everything - once in case that is enough and then twice if it did not take.
> All file menus should stick to one or the other as far as click behaviour.
> Now the feature request. . .
> Probably a standing one but while the current plugin architecture is flexible,
> for mixing down is not ideal (or at least not intuitive), at least without
> spending a lot of time setting it up.
> Specifically what I think should happen is that whatever is considered by the
> authors (and/or community) to be the best lapsda EQ and dynamics plugins
> should be setup with custom control widgets and assigned to each channel
> strip automatically (i.e. standard EQ pots for example).  There could be an
> "on off" button to save on system resources but the connections should happen
> automagically.
> In the current setup creating a typical mixing setup is both time consuming
> and not suited to realtime tweaking - you would for example (unless I am
> missing something) have to find a lapsda plugin for EQ and another for
> dynamics, assign it to a track and then open a new window to tweak the
> controls (multiplied by the number of tracks).
> Alternatively, you need to setup an extra bus, add a send for each track and
> then set up the plugin which still leaves you with an extra floating window
> times the number of distinct instances you need for what I would think would
> be very common needs.
> Am I correct that there is no built in EQ or dynamics options for the channel
> strip with Ardour?
> Cheers

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