[ardour-users] bugs / feature requests

moron moron at industrial.org
Tue Oct 25 21:05:01 PDT 2005

Howdy.  I have one bug (or at least unwanted behaviour) and a general feature 

First the bug. . .

When creating a new session, the file browser takes a single click to accept a 
selection (i.e. click once on a directory to open it).  When opening an 
existing session however, the file browser takes 2 clicks to acknowledge a 
selection.  This leads to the situation where you need to click 3 times on 
everything - once in case that is enough and then twice if it did not take.  
All file menus should stick to one or the other as far as click behaviour.

Now the feature request. . .

Probably a standing one but while the current plugin architecture is flexible, 
for mixing down is not ideal (or at least not intuitive), at least without 
spending a lot of time setting it up.

Specifically what I think should happen is that whatever is considered by the 
authors (and/or community) to be the best lapsda EQ and dynamics plugins 
should be setup with custom control widgets and assigned to each channel 
strip automatically (i.e. standard EQ pots for example).  There could be an 
"on off" button to save on system resources but the connections should happen 

In the current setup creating a typical mixing setup is both time consuming 
and not suited to realtime tweaking - you would for example (unless I am 
missing something) have to find a lapsda plugin for EQ and another for 
dynamics, assign it to a track and then open a new window to tweak the 
controls (multiplied by the number of tracks).  

Alternatively, you need to setup an extra bus, add a send for each track and 
then set up the plugin which still leaves you with an extra floating window 
times the number of distinct instances you need for what I would think would 
be very common needs.

Am I correct that there is no built in EQ or dynamics options for the channel 
strip with Ardour?


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