[ardour-users] APODIO - ?

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Mon Oct 24 15:41:32 PDT 2005

david headon <davidheadonuk at yahoo.co.uk>:
> Hadn't noticed the 'livecd-install' icon on the
> desktop... any idea if this would conflict with my
> existing Mandriva 10.2 partition? I wolud have thought
> creating partitions called /, /home, /usr, etc would
> not agree with the mountpoints on the other mandrake
> setup.

Usually live-cd installer scripts move the cd stuff into a fully fledged 
installation on your disk. So it won't conflict but co-exist. Usually 
there is no way to add the live stuff to an existing installation. But 
I might have misunderstood what you want to do.

>  my objective is to end up with windows-/C , then my
> exixting MANDRIVA 10.2, then swap (1G), Then APODIO.

Install APODIO, you can use the existing swap partition, and if they 
don't provide a /windows/C mountpoint you just mkdir that and copy 
mandriva's relevant /etc/fstab line over.

>     I hope the APODIO installer don't mess my GRUB
> boot table. I finally have it working well again after
> my experiments with DeMuDi.

Good luck and remember: There's always "fixboot" in DOS.

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