[ardour-users] new user question (simple)

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sat Oct 22 08:21:08 PDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-10-22 at 13:28, Scott Hutson wrote:
> Hello all, I am a new user of ardour and I have just one or two
> questions to get me started, (well, I will have more than that, but I
> will start with this one).  I have used cubase SX on winXP for years
> and now I am moving to ardour on linux.  Currently I am using Demudi
> for my OS, and I like it but I want to know what other prople are
> using?  Is Demudi a pretty common system for people running a linux
> DAW?  I am also hearing alot about planet ccrma, but I am not sure
> which way to go.  I know that I dont need any specialized OS, and that
> I can use what I want as long as I set it up properly, but I like the
> idea of a custom OS so that I dont have to hassle with alot of those
> things.  
> So my question is what is the recommended OS for ardour?  Or at least,
> what is the most common and/or stable to use?  Also, can someone give
> me a good link, or set of links to "how to tweak/set-up linux for
> ardour/DAW settup"?  I know in windows we had a lot of tweaks for
> performance we could do, where is that type info for linux?  Like, hd
> settups, IRQ's, hd filesystem choice (ext2 or 3?), all that kind of
> stuff.

    My suggestion is FC3/Planet CCRMA.  It's really easy.  There are a
number of good suggestions on Planet CCRMA for tweaking hard drives and
IRQs.  I have some stuff on my site (woefully out of date since I
switched to the Planet) and some links to other information

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