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personally, i've used demudi and planet ccrma, and between the two i think
planetccrma is a much better distro. this is because i found it to be very
mature in most aspects, and worked very well with my hardware. i like
current desktop software, though, and found that planet worked best for me
under the fc3 release (which is the latest stable planet release). i've been
using debian for years, so i didn't really know how to modify it like i can
with debian. (not without having to do some homework.)

demudi is pretty full packed, but poor package support, imo, because of
their repository. i know with fc3/planetccrma you can use an additional repo
such as freshrpms, can you use a standard debian repository on top of
demudi? i don't know.

every time i try a new audio distro (dynebolic, demudi, musix, planetccrma),
i keep going back to a vanilla debian (sid) platform because i enjoy the
minimalism of it and i know debian well. i use packages for most stuff, and
build from source a couple of things that i need bleeding edje (such as om).

my advice is to simply try them out. it's fun. i recommend debian or some
other bare os, and then building your desired environment - perhaps after
you've seen how others are doing it. a simple understanding of package
management should do, with a little bit of source compilation experience on
top. read the guides that are scattered all around, and they will tell you
how to set up your system. it's hard because the help you need is often so
decentrilized, and i personally, after having read them so many times, while
not having to re-read them now, wish that we could pool them together. we
know the consensus, so it's us that need to coalease the documentation. it's
a wide subject, but a thorough treatment of important softwares will do the
community good now, and in the future when more musicians are pouring in
from win/mac worlds. (as well as those who's native tongue is linux. bless
those babies.)


one nation, under FREEDOM!, with liberty and justice for all.

james :: everamzah/R2H
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