[ardour-users] Fwd: new user question (simple)

Damien Cirotteau damien.cirotteau at agnula.org
Sat Oct 22 13:51:47 PDT 2005

On Sat, Oct 22, 2005 at 03:37:18PM -0400, James wrote :
> From: James <everamzah at gmail.com>
> Date: Oct 22, 2005 3:36 PM
> Subject: Re: [ardour-users] new user question (simple)
> To: Scott Hutson <viipoundproductions at yahoo.com>
> personally, i've used demudi and planet ccrma, and between the two i think
> planetccrma is a much better distro. this is because i found it to be very
> mature in most aspects, and worked very well with my hardware. i like
> current desktop software, though, and found that planet worked best for me
> under the fc3 release (which is the latest stable planet release). i've been
> using debian for years, so i didn't really know how to modify it like i can
> with debian. (not without having to do some homework.)
> demudi is pretty full packed, but poor package support, imo, because of
> their repository. i know with fc3/planetccrma you can use an additional repo
> such as freshrpms, can you use a standard debian repository on top of
> demudi? i don't know.

Yes  you  can.  A/Demudi  is a  custom  debian  distribution  = it  is a
specialized way to   install debian.   What  you have  when you  install
A/Demudi is a debian tweaked for audio (realtime kernel + irq tweaking +
packages  + ...).  Once  install  you can still   benefit from *all* the
debian packages.   Have a look  at  demudi.agnula.org where all  this is
explained. But if you want to go for a .rpm based distro, planet CCRMA +
fedora/rh is excellent.



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