[ardour-users] how to install latest ardour

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Thu Oct 20 18:54:27 PDT 2005

Pasi Karppinen <pasi.karppinen at pp6.inet.fi> writes:

> building a very silent system 

You should get a fanless PSU (thermaltake) and the reserator fanless
water cooling set. It has blocks for the CPU, GPU and chipset. Then,
the only thing that makes noise is the HD. The next step would be
running totally in memory from the network;). 

> I've decided to install a separate - for studio use only -
> distribution

This is a school of thought that don't belong in GNU land, in my
opinion;). You have a pool of resources; why limit it by separating

> LFS seems like a good way to go.

It is a very good way to go, in my opinion, though it should have been
named GLFS. It's not like it's a kernel tutorial;). Also check out DIY
(GNU)/Linux. These sources of information are good guidelines for
making your own distro with extreme control and insight into every
part of the system.

> it shouldn't be too hard to maintain


> I [..] want to see if I will be able to use Intel's compiler

Be aware that this is proprietary software. 

> I'll report back and tell you how it went.

Please do;). Please just ask if there is any problems. 

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