[ardour-users] how to install latest ardour

Pasi Karppinen pasi.karppinen at pp6.inet.fi
Thu Oct 20 09:27:26 PDT 2005

Great to hear you got it installed nicely Dave! It's always nice to hear
how people are modifying/shaping their Linux audio systems.

I've got an ambitious personal project - call me a lunatic, but I'm
going to install Linux From Scratch ( http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/ )
and try to make it my #1 music making platform. I'm familiar with
various Linux audio distributions and now I pretty much know what
software I want to use in my home studio.

I have also built a PC to suit my personal needs and have achieved
building a very silent system (finding the right components took me
about a year).

- Intel Desktop Board D875PBZ (with no integrated audio!)
- Intel P4 Northwood 2.8GHz CPU (finally found one brand new on ebay)
- 2GB of DDR400 RAM
- 160GB 7200rpm SATA disk
- Nexus Breeze Silent PC computer case
- Nexus PHT-3600 silent CPU fan
- M-Audio Delta 66 + Omni I/O
- Evolution MK-249C Midi keyboard

It is a _very_ silent system, but it can be made even more silent.
Currently I have a display adapter that needs it's own fan and I'm
thinking about replacing it to Matrox G550 that has no fan at all.

Ubuntu is and will remain my main Linux distribution (for regular day to
day work), but it's current audio configuration is not suitable for
music making and I don't want to configure it by myself because that
would most likely break it. That's why I've decided to install a
separate - for studio use only - distribution and I'm going to try LFS.
I want to see if I can get the most out of my PC and most of all - I
want to learn, so LFS seems like a good way to go.

I've been thinking about it long and hard and the way I see it - it
shouldn't be too hard to maintain, because I will not have any services
running on it. No need for security patches. It will be for music making

Once (if) I succeed getting it up and running I also want to see if I
will be able to use Intel's compiler to compile the kernel and Ardour.
I'm really curious to see if it makes a difference. 

Let's see if I'll fail or not with this personal project of mine. This
is going to take some time, but I'll report back and tell you how it

And if there's anyone out there who's using LFS for Linux audio, tell us
about it!

On Thu, 2005-10-20 at 11:54 -0400, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings:
>   Last week I built and installed Ardour 0.99 on Demudi 1.2.1. It's 
> running very nicely with a M-Audio Delta 66 card, with under 6 ms 
> latency, on an 800 MHz machine.
>   As someone else already mentioned, you will need a lot of development 
> packages to make it happen under Demudi 1.2.1. I just ran './configure' 
> until I'd installed every missing package, then ran 'make' and away it 
> went. :)
> Best,
> dp
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