[ardour-users] ardour-0.99.dmg - Mac OS X 10.4

eduard eduard.aylon at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 16:01:36 PDT 2005

Hi there,

I've downloaded ardour-0.99.dmg and tried to run it but get no  
response a part from X11 starting up.
When run from the console, I get the following messages:

~/Applications/Music Applications/Ardour-0.99/Ardour.app/Contents/ 
MacOS$ ./Ardour
usage: dirname path
/Users/dimoni/Applications/Music Applications/Ardour-0.99/Ardour.app/ 
Contents/Resources/script: line 63: /bin/ardour: No such file or  
/Users/dimoni/Applications/Music Applications/Ardour-0.99/Ardour.app/ 
Contents/Resources/script: line 63: exec: /bin/ardour: cannot  
execute: No such file or directory

then I  moved the app to /bin/ardour and got the following after  
running it:
~/bin$ ardour
2005-10-08 00:51:10.563 ardour[11018] No Info.plist file in  
application bundle or no NSPrincipalClass in the Info.plist file,  

I use JackPilot for Mac Os X : Jack version 0.99.49, Jack Router  
version 0.7.3, JackPilot version 1.5.5
and it is running while I am trying to run ardour.
My system is Mac OS X 10.4

Other applications like gimp-1.2 run ok.

Any advice?


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