[ardour-users] peak identifier

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Tue Oct 4 06:13:06 PDT 2005

Wolfgang Woehl wrote:

>Peter Lutek <plutek at infinity.net>:
>>is there any way to get an answer to these questions: at what time in
>>my session does the maximum peak occur, and what is it's value? (with
>>the optional refinement of designating which track or bus to examine)
>Yes, there is a way, but you know it already: Going through the mix "by 
>hand" again and again. Very educational, very painful at times.
yes, of course -- agreed on all counts. however, sometimes very tight 
timelines for initial rough mixes get in the way of that.

>Or have Ardour freewheel through the session (like on exports) and make 
>it locate afterwards (= one peak at a time) or have it pop up a window 
>with peak locations and "Go to" buttons. The latter implies having a way 
>to specify thresholds and peak alarms too.
this is the sort of thing which would really interest me -- a "show me 
the peaks above this threshold" thing. sawstudio, which i ran in my 
windows days, had that sort of a utility and it was very handy.

>There is no way to know peaks without transporting through the mix with 
>it's redirects/busses/gain stages etc. I guess
yes, i believe you are correct there.
thanks for your comments!


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