[ardour-users] Sox problems

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at doink.com
Wed Nov 23 06:57:57 PST 2005

On 23 November 2005 at 2:24, Thomas Vecchione <seablade at softhome.net> wrote:

> So I am trying to convert a file from a .raw(Specificly the raw data 
> from a SD2 file) to a .wav in sox.  I know the file is good because i 
> can convert it with audacity fine, but because I have about... oh 1000 
> of these to conver tI would rather not do it by hand, thus I am trying 
> to write a script to do it, but I cant seem to get sox to convert the 
> file correctly and was wondering if anyone could give me what they think 
> should be the working commanline for it.  Right now it converts the 
> file, but into nothing useful..
> In Audacity the settings are a Signed 16-bit PCM, Big-Endian, 2 Channel 
> Stereo, 0 offset, 100 % import, and 44100 samplerate.
> Now in sox I try all this, sox -t .sw -r 44100 -c 2 -x File Outputfile
> Unfortunatly nothing seems to work, I have tried as many variation I 
> thought would work and quite a few that I thought wouldnt(And they 
> didnt).  What obvious thing am I missing?  And yes the endianess should 
> be switched(-x correct) due to these files coming off of a mac, but the 
> conversion is happening on an AMD64 right?  I tried it both ways 
> anyways, but just checking my logic.

I think you'd stand a better chance of getting your answer on the SoX 
mailing list.  Best-o-luck....

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