[ardour-users] Sox problems

Thomas Vecchione seablade at softhome.net
Wed Nov 23 10:08:36 PST 2005

Err sorry, I actually meant to mail to the audio-user list, not the 
ardour-user one;)  Sorry about that, chock it up to working on this 
problem for several hours late at night with little sleep.

Paul Davis wrote:

>you might be better off using sndfile-convert. its not as flexible as
>sox, but it is a more reliable parser of various sound file formats. do
>you have the original SD2 files available?

I do, unfortunatly when trying to convert them with sndfile-convert I get:

Not able to open input file <File Name, happens on all the files>
Error : Bad data offset

I wonder if this might have to do with the fact that I have the files on 
a FAT32 partition instead of on a HFS+ partition then.  I know on HFS+ 
the files are stored a bit different and I believe the headers are 
stored in the same file as the audio?  Its been a while since I looked 
it up, but on other partitions the header gets split off into a 
different file.  Libsndfile I believe was supposed to be able to account 
for that, but it is very possible I am wrong on that matter.

>endianess is not a function of the processor in this case. for example,
>WAV files are *always* little endian, AIFF are *always* big endian. i
>don't know the rule for SD2.

Hmm interesting to learn.  Unfortunatly I tried both with and without 
the switch and it didnt work either way so it wouldnt seem to me that 
would be it.


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