[ardour-users] [OT] JAMin guidance needed

Zachris Trolin zach-tro at dsv.su.se
Mon Nov 21 03:12:43 PST 2005

I would say it is just about the right amount of complexety as it is
(complex meaning compounded). Ardour, and jamin (and jack) all do only
one "thing" but do it well. Put these simple things toghether to form a
complex and working solution to the problem of mastering. 

Jamin is an jack application which utilize a huge number of ladspa
plugins designed for the task of mastering a stream of audio (two track
audio, not mono or surround though). It doesn't deal with transportation
or multitrack recording, editing etc. Typically you use it after you
finnished working and consider the song/-s done. 

The way I do it is that I send whatever I want to master (any number of
tracks) from ardour into jamin, and then take the output if jamin back
to ardour and record my mastered stereo track. After that I might want
to add cd location markers in ardour and dither the whole thing down to
16-bit suitable for CD and at the same time export a TOC file.  After
that open the toc in gcdmaster and add some CD-TEXT information and burn
a CD.

The simpler (and much worse) option would be to not really master the
audio, just add some plugin or two etc. Just as you would have to do
using pro-tools :) 

sön 2005-11-20 klockan 16:13 -0800 skrev moron:
> On Sunday 20 November 2005 05:09, Dave Phillips wrote:
> >   I've been studying Ron's and Jan's material on the JAMin site, but I
> > still need suggestions for how the workflow will proceed for my project.
> A huge ditto on that front from me!  
> =)
> I had just kind of assumed from the way that JAMin was discussed that it 
> included two channel WAV playback but I now see that it really is just a 
> fancy audio plugin.  Is the intent that you would use JAMin while mixing 
> down?  Anyway to use JAMin with Audacity since that seems to be a more 
> suitable app for two track stuff than Ardour.
> Having to chaing three apps together just for some simple mastering seems kind 
> of convoluted, especially if you do not have Ardour synced to jack for timing 
> (since then you have two different transport controls to mess with.
> Is there any simpler option?
> Cheers

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