[ardour-users] [OT] JAMin guidance needed

David Mulcahy eseol at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Nov 21 04:01:36 PST 2005

On Monday 21 Nov 2005 11:12, Zachris Trolin wrote:
> I would say it is just about the right amount of complexety as it is
> (complex meaning compounded). Ardour, and jamin (and jack) all do only
> one "thing" but do it well. Put these simple things toghether to form a
> complex and working solution to the problem of mastering.
> Jamin is an jack application which utilize a huge number of ladspa
> plugins designed for the task of mastering a stream of audio (two track
> audio, not mono or surround though). It doesn't deal with transportation
> or multitrack recording, editing etc. Typically you use it after you
> finnished working and consider the song/-s done.
> The way I do it is that I send whatever I want to master (any number of
> tracks) from ardour into jamin, and then take the output if jamin back
> to ardour and record my mastered stereo track. After that I might want
> to add cd location markers in ardour and dither the whole thing down to
> 16-bit suitable for CD and at the same time export a TOC file.  After
> that open the toc in gcdmaster and add some CD-TEXT information and burn
> a CD.
One of the real benefits of jamin is its use of scenes and using the jamin 
plugin within ardour to adjust the scenes.  It provides the flexibility to 
master each individual song within an album and thus being able to provide 
the right balance for the whole album and for each individual song.  The 
other real benefit is being able to do this without ever recording back to 
ardour.  Keep playing and adjusting things until you get everything right (CD 
markers,position etc) and then when it is right export the track/album and it 
will be done faster than realtime.  


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