[ardour-users] Recording seems fine, playback not at all

moron moron at industrial.org
Sat Nov 19 15:46:45 PST 2005

On Saturday 19 November 2005 12:41, easy rider wrote:
> The card is OK - I
> have checked it on Windows.

Howdy.  I have a couple comments here.  First, just because the device works 
under Windows does not mean it works under Linux.  For example, the M-Audio 
USB Audiophile will not function under Linux (at least with 2.6 kernels) 
because it does not follow the USB spec and M-Audio won't cough up proper 
docs.   Second thing, USB audio is glitchy from my experience under Linux.  
Personally I wanted to go with a USB interface so my audio interface could be 
portable between systems but I after going through both the M-Audio one and 
an Edirol one (forget which one it was to be honest)  and a crappy Sound 
Blaster one (which  had ass sound quality and suffered intermittent issues) I 
ended up grabbing a PCI interface and have since then had far less problems.

So if you at all have the option, don't go USB for audio.

The second thing is that not all devices have an internal hardware mixer.  For 
example, the M-Audio USB Audiophile has no hardware mixer so it is possible 
the problem is that tools you are using are expecting a mixer where none 

You should try taking a peek through the stuff in /proc/asound/ and see if you 
can get a good enumation of what exactly exists on your USB audio device.  

Can anything send sound to the device? Perhaps you the outputs set differently 
than you expect (i.e. it's sending out SPDIF or something like that)?

But again, if you have the option ditch the USB unit and go for a PCI 


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